26 Jan

On a momentous occasion marked by the official launch and handover ceremony, the South Sudanese Refugee Association (SSURA) has extended a helping hand to the River Oli Health Center IV. This humanitarian initiative has culminated in the installation of cutting-edge medical equipment, promising to revolutionize healthcare services in the region. 

The handover event was attended by key figures, including the Chief Guest, in the capacity of the Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Mr. Charles, Member of Parliament, Arua Central City Division, Hon. Atima Lee Buti, City Mayor, Hon. Wadri Sam Nyakua, Mayor Arua Central, Hon. Muzaid Khemis, Mayor Ayivu Division, Hon. Malon Avutia, representatives from SSURA, the District Health Officer (DHO), and local government officials.

The Huma stat 200 machine, procured and donated by SSURA, has been installed in the health center's laboratory. This high-tech chemistry analyzer, valued at 64 million Ugandan Shillings, promises to enhance diagnostic capabilities significantly. Capable of conducting a range of crucial tests, including liver function, Renault function, DP profile, and electrolyte tests, the Huma Stat 200 is expected to be a game-changer for the local community.

With the ability to analyze 200 tests per hour, patients can now access comprehensive diagnostic services locally, reducing the burden of seeking expensive tests in private facilities.

In a bid to ensure the sustainability of this medical marvel, SSURA has also engaged the services of a reputable diagnostics company to provide training on equipment operation and handle maintenance needs. The collaboration between SSURA and River Oli Health Center IV is poised to create a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape.

The second phase of this noble initiative saw the donation of essential equipment for the operating theater. SSURA provided a second operating theater table, effectively doubling the center's surgical capacity. 

Additionally, patient monitor machines were supplied to monitor vital signs during surgical procedures. This comprehensive support from SSURA reflects a commitment to enhancing healthcare infrastructure and accessibility.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Malish Bonjira, the Executive Director of SSURA, highlighted the broader context of their support. The ongoing project, funded by the Swiss Development Agency for Cooperation through the Cities Alliance, encompasses health, maternal healthcare, mental health, and economic empowerment. 

SSURA has partnered with Equity Bank to provide training and low-interest loans to both refugees and the host community, fostering economic development and self-sufficiency.

The in-charge of Oli Health Center IV, Dr. Andama, expressed gratitude for the transformative impact of SSURA's intervention. The project has not only addressed gaps in manpower and diagnostic materials but also laid the foundation for future developments, including plans for a trauma healing center.

The District Health Officer (DHO) and Refuge Desk Officer from the Office of the Prime Minister also commended SSURA for its role in addressing healthcare gaps and fostering peaceful coexistence between refugees and the host community. They emphasized that the equipment would be utilized to improve services for all, regardless of their status, and reiterated the importance of inclusivity in healthcare provision.

In conclusion, the partnership between SSURA and River Oli Health Center IV stands as a testament to the positive impact that collaborative efforts can have on local communities. As the health center progresses towards becoming a hospital, the support from SSURA and the ongoing project promise to bring about lasting change in the healthcare landscape of Arua City.

BY: Aldo ADOMATI, Communications - SSURA
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