01 Aug

In the heart of West Nile, the South Sudanese Refugee Association (SSURA) is making significant strides in improving the health status of both refugees and host communities. With a focus on enhancing community resilience, gender responsiveness, and economic empowerment, SSURA has successfully initiated a series of interventions at the Oli Health Center Four Hospital.

The recent employment of a radiographer and a Mental Health Support Counselor at the Art Center of Oli Health Center has led to remarkable improvements in the management and support of mental health cases. 

The ongoing project, funded by Cities Alliance and the Migration Global Programme, financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), has registered and managed 395 cases of mental health and psychosocial support as of July. Additionally, under the project, SSURA plans to construct a modern Trauma Healing Center at Oli Health Center IV to alleviate patient overflow at the overwhelmed Arua Regional Referral Hospital.

SSURA's commitment to enhancing community resilience has been commendable. Through the Cities Alliance funded project, the organization has prioritized gender responsiveness and economic empowerment as essential pillars for psychosocial well-being.

By actively engaging with both refugees and host communities, SSURA has paved the way for long-term, sustainable solutions.

With the recruitment of a dedicated Mental Health Support Counselor, SSURA has established a vital resource at the Art Center of Oli Health Center. The counselor has played a pivotal role in identifying and addressing mental health challenges among refugees and the host community. As of July, a staggering 395 mental health cases had been registered and managed, demonstrating the efficacy of the intervention.

Recognizing the need for comprehensive healthcare, SSURA has also employed a radiographer at Oli Health Center. This addition has significantly enhanced the diagnostic and imaging capabilities of the facility, ensuring more accurate and timely diagnoses for patients.

One of SSURA's visionary plans is the construction and management of a state-of-the-art Trauma Healing Center at Oli Health Center IV. This ambitious project aims to decongest the Arua Regional Referral Hospital, which has struggled to cope with the overwhelming patient numbers. By providing specialized trauma care, the center will cater to the unique needs of refugees and host communities, fostering a nurturing and supportive environment for recovery.

The selection of Oli Health Center IV for these interventions has proved instrumental in promoting holistic healthcare in the region. With a majority of the urban refugees in Arua City being hosted at Oli, SSURA's efforts have a far-reaching impact on vulnerable populations. The center has witnessed a substantial reduction in patient overflow, allowing for more focused and efficient medical attention.

As part of the project's future plans, SSURA intends to renovate the antenatal facility at Oli Health Center IV. This renovation will enable the provision of high-quality prenatal care to expectant mothers, fostering healthier pregnancies and safer childbirths. Additionally, SSURA plans to stock a comprehensive list of assorted equipment at the center, further enhancing its medical capabilities.

SSURA's unwavering dedication to improving the health status of refugees and host communities in West Nile has yielded transformative results. With interventions focused on mental health support, gender responsiveness, and economic empowerment, the organization has made a tangible difference in the lives of hundreds of individuals. The ongoing Cities Alliance funded project and the future plans for a modern Trauma Healing Center and improved antenatal facilities underscore SSURA's commitment to ensuring accessible and comprehensive healthcare for all. Through these endeavors, SSURA continues to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change in the region.

Author: Aldo Adomati, -Communications Officer, SSURA
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